About Mia


My name is Mia Nyegaard. I am the leading candidate for the Danish Social Liberal Party in Copenhagen.

Currently, the biggest challenge in Copenhagen is that the population is steadily growing. Within the next ten years our city will grow by 60-80,000 people. They all need a place to live, and we should all be able to move easily around the city while breathing fresh air in our lungs.

We need to find long-term and sustainable solutions to this challenge. My ambition for Copenhagen is that innovative thinking, sustainability, and social care are considered everywhere and in everything from new construction and traffic infrastructure to municipal procurement and in our core welfare.

The green transition is key to the future of Copenhagen. Together we must transform grey concrete and black asphalt into green urban breathing space.

Unfortunately, not all Copenhageners have felt included in the city's progress and the many new opportunities that it offers. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals state that the social services area must consider sustainability. We have ensured much progress in recent years, but there is still much more to do. We must continue to invest in everyone and ensure that Copenhagen becomes a green city in social balance.


promote social investments

ensure accessible housing for all income groups

ensure better access to electric charging stations and other green refuelling

promote and attract sustainable companies

promote entrepreneurship working with sustainability

focus on innovative and sustainable solutions in our infrastructure

ensure a thriving business community that creates jobs for more Copenhageners

ensure that our capital city offers an attractive cultural scene for all citizens and visitors

create much needed green oases in the city utilizing its squares, building roofs and other urban space.


A politician with experience being a mayor in one of the most demanding areas.

An academic with broad working experience, ranging from social work in a housing offer to being the managing director of a start-up chocolate factory.

Deputy to and member of the City Council since 2011

Mayor of the Social Services Administration since 2017

Leading candidate for the Danish Social Liberal Party in the municipal election

Green and social balance

For me, being a social liberal means working for a Denmark where we take joint social responsibility, embrace diversity, create good growth conditions and have a global outlook. In addition, I want a Copenhagen where we focus on social policy, while we create the Copenhagen of the future with a focus on children, the green transition and business.